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School Readiness
Social Groups
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Life Skills
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Vocational Skills

Positive experiences in school start with preparation.

Children with Autism can have difficulty with transitions, receptive language, and sharing adult attention. Communication deficits can make it difficult for children to express themselves effectively, leading to frustration for both student and teacher.

We work to provide the necessary preparation children need for school through ABA sessions that target these skills while building pre-academic skills that will serve them later in their education. Our experience in the public school setting gives EBCS unique knowledge to ensure your child is ready for school.

Learning is better together

For learners with difficulty understanding social pragmatics and cues, we offer social groups that target skill acquisition. We use a dynamic and creative approach to teach authentic social skills that are practical and usable across multiple settings.

Developing abilities for independence

It can be easy to forget that daily living skills need to be learned just like math and reading. No matter what level of disability, we’re proud to offer life skills training to help young adults acquire the tools needed for independence and safety. Every service plan is tailored to explore self-advocacy and increase independence.

Preparing for what comes next

We offer Job Coaching, College Course Work Support, and Mentorship for individuals with disabilities that are entering the workforce upon completion of their education.

Our program embeds Acceptance Commitment Therapy into the service plans to ensure the client understands the contingencies in work or school environments. In addition, skill assessments and vocational preference assessments help the client identify interests and possible employment opportunities.

The EBCS team works as a liaison between the employer, employee, and caregiver to provide and fade support on the job as needed, in order to foster the greatest level of independence.

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