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Specific Learning Disabilities
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Consultative Speech
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Job Coaching & Vocational Training

Specific Learning Disabilities

While many know that applied behavior analysis (ABA) is effective in changing behavior, it is often overlooked that ABA can also be used to increase learning outcomes for students with specific learning disabilities. Targeted evidence-based interventions can alleviate the impact and help students meet grade-level expectations.

We achieve lasting and meaningful outcomes by:

  • Utilizing a multiple probe, alternating treatment design to ensure the efficacy of intervention
  • Helping students to generalize interventions so they can apply learned skills inside and outside of the classroom
  • Teaching antecedent-based skills to create self-sustaining consequences

Consultative Speech

We provide the very best in consultive speech and language services to both pediatric and adult clients.

  • Augmentative Communication
    • Picture Exchange Communication System
    • Dynamic Augmented Alternative Communication Systems
  • Receptive, Expressive, and Pragmatics Language Therapy
  • Post Stroke Therapy
  • Swallowing Therapy
  • Respiratory Support
  • LSVT-LOUD (voice therapy for individuals with Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions)
  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s support, including working with caregivers and providing trainings to improve patient/caregiver interaction

Job Coaching & Vocational Training

For individuals with disabilities, achieving independence through work or vocation is paramount to their success.

  • We offer Job Coaching, College Course Work Support, and Mentorship for individuals with disabilities that are entering the workforce upon completion of their education. Our program embeds Acceptance Commitment Therapy into the service plans to ensure the client understands the contingencies in work or school environments.
  • In addition, skill assessments and vocational preference assessments help the client identify interests and possible employment opportunities. The EBCS team works as a liaison between the employer, employee, and caregiver to provide and fade support on the job as needed, in order to foster the greatest level of independence.

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