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Lymphedema Therapy (Complete Decongestive Therapy)

We help individuals with Lymphedema and related conditions (Phlebolymphedema, Lipolymphedema) return to functional independence by decreasing BLE edema and setting up a plan for lifelong management.

Rehabilitation following Injury or Surgery

We help children and adults with rehabilitation after surgery or medical procedures including joint replacements, spinal surgeries, fractures, muscle tears, sprains and strains, motor vehicle accidents, traumatic brain injuries and more.

Balance Training and Fall Prevention

We complete a complete assessment of balance systems (strength, sensation, vision, and vestibular) to determine the cause for loss of balance and develop a customized treatment plan according to our findings.

Pain Management

Pain medication overuse is an epidemic in this country and, as a result, many MDs are reluctant to prescribe. We can help manage pain through physical therapy so that you can function fully during everyday activities.

Geriatric Care

We provide geriatric services including post-stroke therapy and cognition therapy for clients who have Dementia or Alzheimers.

Meet Jon and Avery!

Leading the way in our clinical services division are the talented and compassionate duo of Jon Coffey and Avery Bullock. Helping patients achieve better health is at the heart of everything they do.
A picture of John and Avery, the therapy team


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